MAME Cabinet



Current Control Panel

Here is the most recent revision of my control panel. I laminated it with genuine imitation texture vinyl, which I purchased from Ax-Man for the heafty price of ¢75. I had to beg a quarter for the bus ride home.

Two rotary competition joysticks, three buttons each plus start buttons, and a 3" trackball. To put this in perspective, the panel is only 17" wide!

Some said I was mad...some said I could never do it...but they were wrong, I tell you. Wrong! I have successfully mounted two sticks, eight buttons, and a trackball in a panel less than two feet wide. An arrangement worthy of Alexey Pazhitnov himself.

"Whats that you said earlier? Rotary competition joysticks? I didn't know such a thing existed."
They didn't. Until now.
I built the rotary parts myself. I even made a tutorial for you. Wasn't that kind of me? Go check it out.

Current Control Panel

This is what the panel looked like without it's skin. Ugly gouged aluminum. The buttons were put in for illustrative purposes, and do not reflect my inability to create a decent colour scheme. If you can think of some better colours, please let me know.

Crappy Aero Fighters Conversion

This is what it looked like when I took it home. Notice the sloppy conversion job. I guess the buttons look symetrical when you're drunk.

(Walks off, staggers back an hour later.) Yep, they shhhhore look syyymetricle to me. *Hic!*