MAME Cabinet



MAME Cabinet Although not yet opperational, this is my first attempt at building an arcade cabinet (and a web page).
I modeled it after a ladybug machine (at least I think it was a ladybug), and added a few innovative features.

Swappable control panels, working coin door and lighted marquee are pretty much standard in MAME cabinets, so that's nothing new. But have you ever seen a MAME cabinet with dual monitors?

Thats right, dual monitors. I had an extra one lying around, so I figured, why not add it to the machine? I was hoping this would let me play some of those dual monitor games like the "Playchoice 10" series, but MAME doesn't natively support dual monitors. The closest I came was to run it in windowed mode, and manually strech the window, but then it ran at about 3 frames per second! So much for that...