MAME Cabinet



Mounted Speaker

The speaker looks pretty nice, doesn't it? It's a cheap 4" Audiovox brand speaker set, but it sounds great. The pair cost $20. I think I got a pretty good deal.

Boxed Speaker Set

Seeing the name Rampage makes me want to load up a game right now. I like Lizzie.

The SL-10 model has both a 4" woofer and a 1 ¾" tweeter in the same speaker cone. It's made for cars, but works equally well in cabinets.

120 Watts? That's more than I'll ever need.

Bass Woofer

This is a 6" speaker I had lying around. It was doing a great job of taking up floorspace, but I decided to remove it from it's usual task and install it in my cabinet as a bass woofer.

"But you hacked a stereo amplifier. How could you possibly create a tritular speaker setup from a stereo source?" The third speaker is not driven independently of the first two. It outputs the XOR of the left and right channels. Sounds like I needed some pretty complex audio circuitry, right? Well, you're wrong. All wrong. It was extremely simple. How? Merely wire the two leads from the third speaker to the positive leads of the other two speakers.